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At Blue Trunk, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy travel regardless of age, disability, or health condition. Our website provides resources and information that make travel more accessible for everybody.

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Cafe scene with ASL sign and woman with oxygen tank. Illustration.

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Traveling With an Insulin Pump: What It’s Like, and What to Know

“I have a good grasp on how to manage my diabetes, but for a number of reasons, traveling is difficult. It’s something I haven’t yet mastered,” says Jack Corbett. “But I always enjoy it. There is something exciting about being self-sufficient, which makes it all the more fulfilling.” Travel is all about stepping away from ...

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Left: Tiffany Smith sitting on a rock during a hike; Right: Jack Corbett smiling overlooking a mountain view

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New Glass-Bottom Boat in Florida Will Be Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Travel

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People Living With Disabilities Want a Broader Park Experience

Sierra Magazine

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Saudi Arabian Airlines marks World Braille Day

Travel & Tourism News Middle East

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Blue Trunk and Access for Travelers With Physical Disabilities

Writing With a Broken Tusk

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Madison native strikes a blow for disabled travelers


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