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What is Blue Trunk?

At Blue Trunk, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy travel regardless of age, disability, or health condition. Our website provides resources and information that make travel more accessible for everybody.

Blue Trunk for Travelers

As a traveler you can use Blue Trunk to: 

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“Being able to know places that are accessible [cuts] down on traveling somewhere, getting there, and finding out that they’re not accessible, because that’s the biggest headache ever.”

- Brandon, Blue Trunk Traveler

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Blue Trunk for Businesses

As a business owner/manager you can use Blue Trunk to:​

  • List your business for free on our site to show your support for accessibility. Learn more about why to list your business on Blue Trunk.


Blue Trunk for Educators

As an educator or student you can engage with Blue Trunk’s education program through:

  • Guest lectures

  • Semester or year-long projects

  • Internships

"Thank you Blue Trunk for offering to give a guest video lecture on accessibility and universal design. This content is not always easy to teach and I’m not sure of where to look for good resources. Blue Trunk helped a lot, they helped with an engaging guest lecture and made it easy to create assignments based on their guest lecture."

- Dan Nathan-Roberts, Associate Professor, San José State University


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UW-Madison researcher working to shed light on the disability community’s experience during pandemic

University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 24, 2022

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