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Useful Links for Businesses

Improving accessibility can be a daunting task for business owners. To help simplify a seemingly overwhelming project, we have compiled a list of resources to help your business get started. While we do not endorse any particular vendors or information sources, we do hope you find the following resources useful in making your business more accessible!

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General Information

These resources provide an overview of what it means to be "Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant." Improving your business’s accessibility may seem like a daunting task, but these resources explain the general guidelines and a few simple ways to get started.

Low Cost Alternatives


Improving accessibility doesn’t have to break the bank. The following are some easy, low-cost ways to make your business more accessible.

Diversity Training Programs


Diversity training programs help make a diverse customer population comfortable. Also called “sensitivity training,” these programs teach proper terminology and behavior to employees. You can hire a diversity training vendor to conduct a workshop at your business or formulate a program yourself. See the following resources for more information.

Hospitality Information


Businesses in the hospitality industry have much to consider when it comes to accessibility. These resources outline many ways to make your business as welcoming as possible to patrons with disabilities or health conditions.

Small Business Accessibility Funding


Often, businesses can receive money in the form of grants or tax incentives to help fund their accessibility-related renovations. Check out the links below or search “ADA compliance funding in [your state]” to find more.



Other useful resources for improving the accessibility of your business.

Ramp Guidelines


Installing an ADA-compliant ramp will greatly improve the physical accessibility of your business. See the resources below for the ADA’s specific guidelines.

Braille & Large Print Documents


Providing braille and large print versions of your business’s written materials is a great way to improve accessibility. The following resources list different producers of such documents in the United States and abroad.

Captioning Services


Captioning your business’s audio and audiovisual materials (promotional videos, audio tours, movies, etc.) ensures everyone can enjoy them equally. As the resources below detail, you can caption materials yourself or have it done professionally.

Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)


A TRS allows people to use a keyboard or other assistive device to place calls to standard phones. Using an operator or computer program as a go-between, the assistive device user communicates with the standard phone user. The following resources explain the different types of TRS and how they work.