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Rupa in a purple dress and Claire in a black dress standing next to each other, both looking away from the camera and smiling.

Five Lessons We Learned Starting a Nonprofit

May 10, 2021
by Blue Trunk

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Woman with insulin pump, woman in all-terrain wheelchair, and a man on the ice with penguins and mountains in the background. Illustration.

Explore Antarctica: A Virtual and Accessible Tour

by Blue Trunk

February 10, 2021

This week we are heading to Antarctica to explore the southernmost continent. It wasn't until relatively recently in human history that we reached Antarctica. This fascinating region draws the interest of scientists, explorers, and tourists alike. We ...

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Left: Tiffany Smith sitting on a rock during a hike; Right: Jack Corbett smiling overlooking a mountain view

Traveling With an Insulin Pump: What It’s Like, and What to Know

by Blue Trunk Foundation

December 28, 2020

“I have a good grasp on how to manage my diabetes, but for a number of reasons, traveling is difficult. It’s something I haven’t yet mastered,” says Jack Corbett. “But I always enjoy it. There is something exciting about being self-sufficient, which ...

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Four people of various ages and disabilities in the foreground, the large Angkor Wat temple in the background. Illustration.

Explore Cambodia: A Virtual and Accessible Tour

by Blue Trunk

December 14, 2020

This week we are heading to the Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia, the home of Angkor Wat. There are many other parts of the country to explore as well, from bustling cities to beaches with bioluminescence. A quick content warning: many of the resou ...

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Four panel grid, top left panel has a pencil sketch of a suitcase with a line drawing of an elephant on it, top right panel says "How it started" with an arrow pointing to the left, bottom left panel says "How it ended" with an arrow pointing to the right

From the Founders: Creating Our Logo

by Blue Trunk

November 23, 2020

Back when we were starting Blue Trunk one of the first things to do was create a logo. We had next to no budget, so we started the process by sketching out our own ideas. However we knew that a sketch on the back of scrap paper wouldn’t be enough, so ...

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