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Blog Submission

Blog Instructions

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story with the Blue Trunk community! We are happy to help you share your experience in whatever way is most comfortable for you. Do you love writing? Submit a blog to be edited by our team. Would you prefer to talk about your story? You can make a short video or we can interview you and our team will write the blog. Do you have another idea? Let us know! 

We are looking for original content about accessibility, aging, and travel. Submissions under consideration or already published elsewhere will not be accepted. We welcome submissions from all individuals. You do not need to identify as having a disability or health condition to contribute.


What is Blue Trunk looking for?


We are looking for personal experiences, best practices, historical perspectives, and resources related to accessibility, aging, and travel. Your story should be clearly focused. For example, don’t talk about traveling in a wheelchair. Instead, focus on riding trains in India in a wheelchair.

What is our editorial process?


We will confirm receipt of your idea for a blog or video post within a week. If your idea is selected we will send you further instructions and ask for a full submission. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all submissions. You will be notified of our final decision in 2-4 weeks.


Accepted blogs and videos will undergo an editorial process. This may involve multiple rounds of revisions. Blue Trunk’s intent is to ensure that your story reaches the audience it deserves. Blue Trunk retains final editorial decision rights. 



How do we promote your post?

We will link to your post on Blue Trunk’s social media profiles.

Submission Instructions

Submit the following via the form below:

  • A one-paragraph pitch of your blog or video idea. Please be as specific as possible about what the topic of your post will be. 

  • A brief bio about yourself. This only needs to be a couple sentences. Include if you have any affiliations to brands, companies, products, etc. 

Blog Submission

Thanks for submitting!

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