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Useful Links for Travelers

Sometimes you need more information to plan a trip than just knowing which hotels, restaurants, and attractions are accessible for you. When you leave home it can be overwhelming to figure out how to find a caregiver, interpretive services, or other general accessible travel resources like renting a properly equipped car. While we do not endorse any particular vendors or information sources, we do hope that these resources help make your trip planning easier. If you know of a resource that would be useful to others please send it our way!

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General Information


  • The Google Maps app now allows users to add mobility-related accessibility information to businesses’ profiles. After selecting a business in the app, select “More about this place” to view accessibility features.

  • Apps such as Sit or Squat, Flush, and Bathroom Scout make “going” on the go easy. Locate a nearby bathroom and determine its accessibility before going.

  • Available for Android and iOS, the app Autism Village allows users to rate and comment on businesses based on their sensory-friendliness.

  • Access Earth provides mobility-related accessibility information for a number of businesses, attractions, hotels, and more.

  • TripTripHurray, available on iTunes and Google Play, provides information, scheduling, and booking services based on your specific search parameters.

Travel Agencies

  • Magical Storybook Travels offers free trip planning services to families with a range of accessibility requirements, from ADHD to dietary restrictions.

  • If your destination is Europe, Sage Traveling has a database of travel agents specializing in accessible European travel.

Lodging Assistance


  • Airbnb now allows users to select with accessibility features they need in their lodging. When searching, find the accessibility button under More Filters.

  • When We Travel has compiled a list of accessible hotels around the globe.

  • AbiliTrek takes the hassle out of ensuring hotel accessibility. Visitors create an account listing their accessibility requirements, book through the site, and AbiliTrek confirms everything with the hotel on the traveler’s behalf.

Train Information


The following is a list of major train service providers and links to their accessibility pages. There, travelers can find out how to request assistive services, declare food allergies, travel with medications, and more.

Cruise Information


  • Cruise Critic helps travelers with accessibility needs know what to look for when booking a cruise in this article. They also provide a searchable database to help everyone find the perfect cruise.

Wheelchair Travel Sites