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Five Adaptive Clothing Brands You Need To Know

Fashion can be a way for people to express themselves — different colors, fabrics, and shapes allow a consumer’s personality to shine through. However, clothing reflecting creativity is not always available for all. For individuals with disabilities, it can be difficult to find clothing that is not only wearable but also represents their ideal aesthetic.

We believe that information about adaptive clothing brands should be accessible to all, so that people may make shopping decisions that are best for them. This is also really important to consider when disabled individuals need breathable, easy to wear adaptive clothing when traveling or engaging in daily activities. Below, we have featured five adaptive clothing brands that embody the importance of inclusivity.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive

Coming from the popular brand, Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive line embraces easy closures, comfort, and their signature look. Adorned with red, blue, and white patterns, Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing remains fashionable while featuring important accessibility features. Many pieces are designed specifically for seated wear and fit prosthetics. The line has clothing for men, women, boys, and girls, and the price range is around $20-$200.

2. Slick Chicks

For female presenting individuals, Slick Chicks may be perfect. The brand fulfills the need for adaptive intimate wear, and features a patented hook and eye fastener for easy take on and take off. The underwear is also antimicrobial and is moisture-wicking for breathability and comfort. Though the designs are simple, they are both sleek as well as inclusive for people of all ages and body types. Slick Chicks’ price range is around $20-$75.

3. Von Ruz

Interested in high fashion, allure, and avant garde takes on adaptive fashion? Look no further than Von Ruz, a revolutionary brand with a “design for all” approach. Created by Vongai “Von” Noreen Ruzive, a Black British womenswear fashion designer, Von Ruz embodies the future of fashion by including accessible clothing that still touches on trends in the industry. From detachable blazers to accessible wrap over skirts, Von Ruz is a needed addition to the world of design. The brand sells items for men and women, and the price range for Von Ruz pieces is around $10-$13,000. Jewelry is pricey!

4. Zappo’s Adaptive

Aside from clothing, shoes are an obvious necessity to any wardrobe. Zappo’s adaptive line has the solution to this need. The brand separates their collection of adaptive shoes into distinct categories of easy on/off shoes, AFO friendly shoes, orthotic friendly shoes, single shoes, diabetic shoes, and easy dressing. With these specific categories, shopping for your shoe needs is that much simpler. Zappo’s Adaptive also sells medical wear and adaptive accessories. The brand sells items for men, women, and kids, and the price ranges from $8-$370.

5. Rebirth Garments

Creating pieces across the intersection of disability and queerness, Rebirth Garments produces incredible adaptive clothing that is both beautiful and gender non-conforming. Their team hand designs clothing for a customer’s specific measurements and needs, making this a great brand for all ages and disabilities. Aside from clothing, Rebirth Garments also sells some really cute stickers, coloring books, and accessories. The price ranges from $6-$300. Be sure to support this amazing brand today!

We are trying to make sure the content we suggest is accessible in different ways. Although it can be difficult to find websites that are fully accessible, we review many to offer you the ones that are the most accessible. As always, if you find barriers or have suggestions please reach out to us at and let us know so that we can improve!


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