Our Language

Here at Blue Trunk, inclusivity is our focus. We have carefully chosen language and terminology that we hope appeal to our community of users.

Blue Trunk uses person-first language, which means we use terms such as "person with a disability" to emphasize that they are a person first. Disability is a part of who they are, but not their whole identity. Many people with disabilities see person-first language as the most respectful and widely-appealing terminology, although opinions do vary.

We use the term "older adults" to refer to another part of the population that may find our services useful. We understand that not all older adults require accommodation when traveling, but use this term for simplicity while acknowledging its limitations.

Throughout our website, you may come across other language used by bloggers when talking about themselves or their family. In these cases, we respect their decision to use language they feel applies to their specific situation.

We hope you understand our attempts to include everyone through this approach while pursuing our ultimate goal of accessible travel for everybody.