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Whether you are planning your next trip or just want to learn more about accessible travel, we invite you to browse the features below. Engage in other travelers' stories through our blogs and Accessibility in Action gallery, and learn more accessible travel through our featured news and resources. If you have a journey or link you want to share, check out our Get Involved page


From the Founders: Creating Our Logo

Back when we were starting Blue Trunk one of the first things to do was create a logo. We had next to no budget, so we started the process by sketching out our own ideas. However we knew that a sketch on the back of scrap paper wouldn’t be enough, so we turned to professionals. We reached out to crowd sourced design service ...

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Accessibility in Action

The Accessibility in Action initiative uses photography to showcase travel for everybody. These photos, submitted by users like you, illustrate the many ways accessible travel is happening today. Click below to view the full gallery. We hope you enjoy seeing all the places Blue Trunk travelers are visiting!

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Business Resources

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Improving accessibility can be a daunting task for business owners. To help simplify a seemingly overwhelming project, we have compiled a list of resources to help your business get started. While we do not endorse any particular vendors or information sources, we do hope you find the following resources useful in making your business more accessible!

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Traveler Resources

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Sometimes you need more information to plan a trip than just knowing which hotels, restaurants, and attractions are accessible for you. When you leave home it can be overwhelming to figure out how to find a caregiver, interpretive services, or other general accessible travel resources like renting a properly equipped car. While we do not endorse any particular vendors or information sources, we do hope that these resources help make your trip planning easier. If you know of a resource that would be useful to others please send it our way!

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University Makes Two Lawn Rooms ADA-Accessible

UVA Today

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The A.D.A. at 30: Beyond the Law’s Promise

The New York Times

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Lithuanian Airports joins project dedicated to people with hidden disabilities

International Airport Review

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