JR with his wife Erika

The Trip of a Lifetime

August 6, 2018
by JR Harding

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JR Harding

Dr. JR Harding is a recognized disability leader from both personal and professional experiences. As a 2x quadriplegic, author of Now What? and ADA Adventure, accessibility expert, and international speaker, he has contributed for over 30 years to national, state, and community policy for the independence and self-sufficiency of persons with disabilities. He is a subject-matter expert for the ADA. He has served 2 US Presidents, 4 Florida Governors, and a number of community-based organizations, including Evergreen Life Services, The Family Network on Disabilities, and the Delta Disability Advisory Board. He completed his doctorate in Higher Education and Public Policy at Florida State University (FSU), where he is now faculty. He and his lovely wife Erika live and work in Tallahassee, FL.